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May 30 – What I Could Not Do For Myself, He Did.

May 30, 2012

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” – Rom 6:23

My God is such a loving and merciful God.  He designed me to seek after him; that I have done.  He love me so much, He did not want to leave me in sin; so He orchestrated the whole plan to save me.  Adam and Eve sinned, I have sinned.  They heard God calling them; I hear God calling me.  They hid; I hide.  They suffered with guilt; I am guilty.  They are punished; I now suffer the same punishment.  Their sins separated them from God; mine does the same.  God sacrificed for them; He has sacrificed for me.  As a result of their actions, they were cast out of the presence of God; because of my actions, I am unable to be in the presence of God.

But God is merciful to me, a sinner.  He loves me so much, He refuses to leave me hopeless.  He promised the coming event that would land a crushing blow to Satan, and free me from the bondage of sin (Gen. 3:15).  Even though I cannot dwell in His presence with sin in my life, He still moved to accomplish His will by unfolding a redemption plan for mankind. 

From the time Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden, thus separated from Him because of sin, a plan began to unfold.  God would make sure that opportunity would be there for man to be redeemed and saved from his sins.  The thing that man could not do was the very thing God would do in order for salvation to occur. 

Man began to multiply, ultimately to get deeper into sin.  The sin was so great, God wanted to destroy all mankind from off the face of the earth.  However, He saves Noah and his family in an ark.  Why?  Because He saw that Noah alone was a preacher of righteousness.  He was sincerely trying to follow God.  Remember, God loved me so much, He preserved mankind through and because of Noah and his faith.  Again, don’t forget, God was going to make good on His promise made in Gen. 3:15.  God intended to save me.  And so it was, Noah would be spared, ultimately to bring me the Messiah, who would save me. 

We’ll continue this tomorrow, Lord willing!


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