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May 14 – Why Me?

May 14, 2012

Job 17:1  My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, the graves are ready for me.

Job was doing all the right things, yet he said his spirit is corrupt.  Why?  He’d kept all the rules.  He’d made his sacrifices.   I think he had a right to be angry and to question God.  But it just wasn’t happening for him.

But why?  “Why” is the question asked in the book of Job.  Job lost everything, his house, his family, his health, his servants, his livelihood.  I get a very clear picture of Job’s despair when I read this passage above.

Job even thought God was mad at him.  Because of his suffering and all of his loss, he thought God was the one to blame.  But it was Satan.  He thought surely that God hated him.

Many people today ask the same thing… “What did I do to deserve this?  Where in the world is God?  Why isn’t He helping me?  Why would God allow this to happen to me?”  What I must realize is the wilderness is actually God loving us!

In Job’s case, he wasn’t even doing something wrong, and as a result suffering, as his friends were accusing him.  That’s the equation many people turn to.

It is our automatic default…”What did I do wrong?” 

But what is the right response?

We need to understand that we could be in the wilderness for one of at least two reasons.

1)    By our own deeds, suffering the consequences.  There are consequences to sin.  God does discipline us in the wilderness.

2)    But it may not be that at all.  It may be like Job.  He was God’s best example for us.  He did nothing wrong.   God said, Look, I have no other like him.  Yet, even with Job, there was a purpose, wasn’t there.

More tomorrow, Lord willing.

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