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April 10 – Receiving A Weaker Brother

April 10, 2012

“Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.” – Rom 14:1

The Apostle Paul deals with a vitally important issue here.  This principle speaks to each and every one of us.  In this verse, Paul plainly states that those who are strong must accept into their group those who are weak.  Period.  “…but not to doubtful disputations.”  This sounds like there is an exception.  What this does not say: The strong is to accept a weak person as long as he doesn’t disagree with him.  The KJV sometimes uses language that might be hard to understand today.  But what Paul is saying is to accept them in among you without arguing with them about the opinions they happen to have which are contrary to your own opinions.  For example, one person believes it is right to eat meat, another believes it is wrong.  The one who knows it is okay to eat meat must not reject the one who thinks it is wrong.  Period.

Now then, all of this is fairly easy to read as long as I stay on the issue of eating meat because it’s not a big issue in today’s time.  But what about today’s issues?  Is there a principle in this passage that applies to me today?

How about those who may disagree with me on issues that are generally taboo in Christian circles today?  …Going to movies…Playing cards…Not having a quiet study time each morning…Going to a restaurant that serves liquor…Listening to certain kinds of music…Dancing…Drinking coffee… smoking cigarettes… tattoos?  There’s a whole litany of others.  I take issue with some of these issues.  Believe me, in various circles of the church, there are those who take real issues with all of these things.  NOTE: Before you take off and think I have said it does not matter what you do, I have not said this at all.  In fact, I believe very strongly it matters my behavior.  Too many people look diligently for some license from God to do the thing they want to do.  I am not saying these things are not important; nor am I advocating any of them.  Actually, I think there is strong admonition to abstain from many of these things.  I am not making a declaration that there is any wisdom in participating in these lifestyle choices.

However, the point is this… the church should be marked by how we love each other and not by how we judge each other.  Sadly, I have done just that many times.  Oh, I belong to the group that believes…  or he/she is a part of those radicals for Jesus church… etc., etc., etc.  We’ve done it throughout history in the church and have divided into so many sects of Christianity (if that is possible), it’s pathetic.  This is not what the Lord died for and we do not need to be a part of something that is outside what the scriptures have taught us concerning this.  But He has called us to peace.

Stay with me for the next few days as I dig into this deeper and discover the truths Paul is teaching here in Romans 14.  There is far too much to say in only segment.

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  1. Lowell R. Price permalink
    May 5, 2012 6:21 am

    I look forward to the next few. Papa

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