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March 30 – I Have Been Set Apart

March 30, 2012

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” – Col. 3:3

Sanctification is a term I should be grateful for.  It is the word used in the Bible to indicate my separation from the world and into God’s grace.  It means I have been “set apart” for service in His Kingdom.   The Old Testament (Hebrew) word for sanctify is “qadash” (STRONGS #6945), which means to cut, to separate, or to set apart.  The word “holiness” is often used interchangeably with “sanctify” in the KJV.  Although there are different uses of both terms, they are generally used to imply moral and spiritual qualities in one’s life.  However, it could and is used to indicate a “setting apart” of almost anything for a specific purpose.  The idea inherent in these words indicate position; or the relationship between two parties.  In spiritual terms, and in relation to my salvation, it refers to the relationship between God and me.

This same idea of separation is the same with the Greek word “hagios” (translated “holy”, or “saint”), and with its verb form, “hagiadzo” (to make separate).  When a Jewish priest put on the priestly vestments, he was said to be sanctified, or holy; that is, he was separated from secular life to perform a specific or special office.  Scrolls of the Law were sanctified (set apart, special) and could only be touched by washed hands.

Just to clarify, in Theology, the judicial act of God where He justifies those who accept Him is referred to as Justification.  This is where He declares them free from the penalty they owed.  Sanctification and Justification are not synonyms, even though they carry some similarities and are often confused.  My moral goodness (righteousness) is nothing more than what Isaiah calls “filthy rags.”  Perfect righteousness, is what God gave to me when he “justified” me.  When He declares that I am now righteous because of the blood of Jesus, I no longer have to pay the penalty for my sin.  He sees the blood of Jesus Christ as my ransom paid.  Sin is paid for.  His perfect justice has been performed, and I am justified, or made righteous through Christ’s shed blood.  In other words, I am given His covering.  My life is hid with Christ.

When God looks down upon me, He does not see my old life.  He does not see my sin, He sees the blood of Jesus Christ.  Sin is paid for.  He sees me as purified, justified, and sanctified (or set apart) for him.  I truly have a spiritual fellowship and communion with Him as it was in the beginning of time with Adam and Eve.  His judgment on the sins of mankind was fully realized, while, at the same time, His grace and mercy was offered.  God sees me as righteous, not because I am anything, or accomplished anything, rather, because my life is hid with Christ; because my sins have been paid; because I have been cleansed; because I am now clothed with the righteousness of Christ.

Praise be to God for His wonderful grace!

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