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March 26 – God’s Infinite Mercy Is Extended To Me

March 26, 2012

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus…” – Rom 3:23-24

What is Grace?  There are many ways I could approach this topic.  But I will attempt to address it as simply as I can.  I admit this is a big subject for a small mind to comprehend (speaking of me), much less, to try to articulate.

Grace tells us a great deal about God’s nature.  It truly expresses His infinite mercy and favor toward us.  Grace fully reconciles God’s desire to save mankind with His perfect justice in punishing sin by the sending of His Son to be crucified.

In a quest to experience an intimate walk with my Lord, I must understand the foundation of my faith.  My sins must be answered for.  The penalty for my sins is death and must be paid for.  It was true it the days of the Old Law, and it is true today.  Justice demands punishment.  Justice demands recompense.  Justice demands the debt be paid before one is freed from that burden.

This is where the beauty of grace comes in.  Grace happened first at the cross; it is primary.  My faith is secondary and responsive.  God acted first of His own free will; my faith is an acceptance of what God has done for me.  Faith is the channel (method, if you will) through which God’s perfect and all-sufficient grace forgives my trespasses forever.  Without the grace of God, there is no source of help or faith to lock on to.  Without His grace, reconciliation between the living God and helpless man (me) could never take place.  Without His grace, I would be nothing.  There would be no hope; I could not be saved, no matter what I tried to do.

Note:  There truly is nothing I can do to save myself.  I cannot offer a pure enough sacrifice on my own.  I need a Savior.  Praise be to God who has looked upon me with such favor that He would become my sacrifice.

I will continue looking into this a little more in the coming days.  I do not pretend to be a scholar or a deep-thinking theologian; however, I think there are some truths contained within this topic that will help me come to a greater understanding and appreciation for my relationship with God.


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  1. Lowell R. Price permalink
    April 22, 2012 8:07 pm

    An execellent way to begin witn a study of this vast subject. Papa


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