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March 4 – I’m Under The Umbrella Of His Protection

March 4, 2012

“Our life is hid with Christ in God” – Col 3:3

As a Christian, I can rest assured that I am under the umbrella of God’s protection.  Let me illustrate it this way.  God is the umbrella (so to speak) and Jesus holds it for me.  When the storms of life beat down upon me, Jesus holds the umbrella at the right angle.  He shields me from the hailstorm.  Therefore, I need to stay under the umbrella with Jesus!  He has promised protection, provision, and to be my shield from Satan’s attacks.  The fiery darts of Hell and of Satan cannot penetrate His love and protection He has for me.

I have sometimes doubted this.  I have doubted that God was with me when I was experiencing a trial?  But, I know, Jesus didn’t fold up the umbrella and go to the house.  When I walked out from under the “umbrella (grace),” He reached out to me; He called to me, “Come back home.”  Jesus does not keep me from His grace, i.e., protection.  He has not and does not cast me out.  I may choose to move from God’s protection, but He does not move.  He steadily offers it to me.  All I have to do is to take it.  My faith and trust should be absolute and without doubting.  I must remember that if He promises something, He will perform it!

Jesus extends the umbrella of love when I drift away.  He assures me He will forgive.  When He sees my filth and sin in this life, He does not look upon me and say, “You stepped too far this time buddy!  There is no way to return!”  No, instead, He reaches out in kindness and says, “I can clean that clean that filthy spot if you want me too.”  And, so, from His infinite mercy and grace, He washes away my sin in His blood.

But that’s not all He does.  Because He lives in me, I can do the same.  Because He has forgiven me, I can forgive others.  Because He has a forgiving heart, I, too, can have a forgiving heart.  I can have a heart like His because He lives in my heart!  May I always respond to His leading and follow closely, so I always enjoy the comfort of His protection against Satan.

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  1. Nolan kelley permalink
    March 4, 2012 8:35 am

    Thanks leland for reminding me…..lately i’ve felt that I had wandered so far from his protection….how could he ever forgive me? It makes me love my father and his son even more when I realize his promise to forgive! Thanks!

    • March 4, 2012 7:35 pm

      One thing is for sure, we can count on His promises… He is faithful to perform exactly what He said He would. We must simply get back up and go at it again! God bless you Nolan.

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