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February 26 – Jesus Is A Guest In My House

February 26, 2012

“And when they saw it, they all murmured, saying, That he was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner.” – Luke 19:7

Who would’ve thought that Zacchaeus, this chief tax collector, who was rich, short (why I like this character so much!), despised greatly as a great sinner in the eyes of the Jews.  He came to Jesus knowing that repentance was in order and was willing to make the changes necessary in his life.  As history reveals to us, it was customary for these tax collectors, to get collect more money than what the public really owed, and sometimes that was by coercion and intimidation.  The Jew despised him greatly because he was not only a tax collector, he was a fellow Jew who was a tax collector.  That equated to being a traitor against his own people.  A publican made his living by the money he could collect in excess of the tax owed by individuals.  This passage said he was rich, so he was evidently very successful at what he did.  No wonder he was hated among the Jews.

Jesus chose to be a guest in Zacchaeus  house.  He was hated by his fellow Jews; but what the people around saw in Zacchaeus was not what God saw!  God doesn’t look on the outward appearance of things, but on the heart.  Here was a man willing to repent, a man willing to change his life, a man willing to follow Jesus.

I am as guilty of sin as anyone; but what is certain is that Jesus is full of compassion to the repentant.  I will maintain an attitude of humility before God, always willing to repent when I fail Him.  I don’t want to fail Him, but I know, like Paul, I must deal in the world of flesh and blood.  So, when I fall, I will look up toward Heaven and pray; then I will get up and walk with Him another day.  May God be glorified.

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  1. Becky Estes permalink
    February 26, 2012 9:36 am

    Thank you for your blog, Leland as it inspires me daily!, especially when I am weary in spiritual well-doing. I WILL strive on, not daunted by the seeming enormity of a loved one’s present spiritual delusions. God Bless you!

    Becky Estes, Plainview, TX

    • February 26, 2012 8:28 pm

      You’re very welcome. It is very humbling to have such comments. I love writing, and to write out my thoughts on scripture is very helpful to me as well.

      God bless.

  2. Lowell R. Price permalink
    April 2, 2012 4:11 pm

    So thank full I am too that God looks into my heart and doesn’t judge me what the outside reveals. Papa


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