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February 4 – There’s Victory In Living For Him

February 4, 2012

… the wages of sin is death.” – Romans 6:23

These words will bring pride to its knees.  I cannot read this and not be humbled.  Sin infects the entire person—body, soul and spirit.  Listen as Paul describes the anatomy of the sinner, “Their throats are like open graves.” “They use their tongues for lying.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.”  “Their mouths are full of cursing and hate.” “Their feet are swift to shed blood.” (see Rom. 3:13-18).  Paul continues, “There is no fear before their eyes.”

Cut off from God, my soul withers and dies.  The consequences of sin are not simply a bad day or a bad mood, but a dead soul.  The sure sign of a dead soul is: poisoned lips and cursing mouths, feet that lead to violence and eyes that do not fear God.

This may explain how people can be so vulgar.  Their souls are dead.  This explains how the drug peddler can sleep at night and the dictator can live with his conscience.  He has none.  The finished work of sin is to kill the body and soul in hell.  The finished work of the Savior is to give life to the soul and preserve me until the Day of the Lord.

I will set my eyes and my faith upon God who cannot only keep me from sin, but will save my soul eternally.  Romans 3:21-25 describes how God makes me right with him: through my faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.  Where is my faith?  In myself, or in He who saves?  Surely, in Him, the Almighty, who is powerful in my life, to overcome this sinful life, and to even conquer the sting of death.  Yes, there’s victory in living for Him.

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