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January 5 – Waiting On The Lord

January 11, 2012

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isa. 40:31

Instead of going ahead and trying to accomplish “something” for the Lord, I should take pause, and wait.  I need to consult the Lord.  What does He want me to do?  Waiting requires my attention and time spent with Him in study and meditation.  One of the most difficult parts of my Christian walk is having the discipline to spend time with my God in the study of His Word.  But I know if I will do this, He will use this time to mold me into what I should me.  He will sanctify (purify) me.  It will be a time set apart from sin, a time to be pure and holy.  The sanctification process upon me is what will bring me into complete and open fellowship with Him.  My service is important, but if I do it without or ahead of God’s leading, I may very well find myself alone.  A life of faith (trust) means that I should not doubt at all.  If I have doubt about where to go or what to do for Him, then I should wait.  Where there is doubt, there is no leading from God.  Where there is leading from God, there is no doubt.

To control the impulse of my heart in a reactionary manner is wrong.  I have done this far too often.  To act too quickly may cause damage irreparable or may take years to correct.  No, I should wait, as much as is possible.  With time, patience, and trust, He will show me the best way to handle the situation; or will cause circumstances to change resolving the issue in another way.

While I am waiting, I will pray, meditate on His Word, and even fast.  Surely the Lord will renew my strength to walk according to His will in my life.  Then I will surely be in communion and complete fellowship with my God.

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