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January 2 – Rejoicing With Others

January 2, 2012

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that weep.” –Rom. 12:15
Very few times in life have I truly been close enough to somebody that I could completely empathize with them, either in joy or sadness.  Yet, shouldn’t that be my desire?  It seems my inability to embrace this concept is rooted in envy and selfishness.  Not that I want to be this way, but inevitably, that’s where I often find myself.  Because somebody may have money, possessions, or positions of authority, I tend to challenge their right to have it thinking “I have just as much right as they do.”  Or, “I could do it just as good as they do it.”  Why?
Why not simply rejoice in the fact that God has blessed them in this way, or given them the position, etc?  When God places somebody else in those positions, He puts on them a greater level of accountability and they will give account of how those things were used.  But I am also accountable for the envy and selfishness I have in my heart.
The Lord is teaching me to be content in whatever position or circumstances I find myself in.  Whether or not I have money, possessions, or a position of authority; what I need is good stewardship over my “little things” and worry only about the eggs in my basket.  Then I can cheerfully look at my brother and say, “I rejoice with you.”
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